It is possible to make the CACHELIB database writable, load the Serenji support routines from CACHE.RSA and CACHE5.OBJ into the %CACHELIB namespace, then reset the CACHELIB database to be read-only. Procedures for changing the status of the CACHELIB database are in Caché's online documentation. However, we recommend an alternative approach which is described in the linked FAQ.

Additionally, Caché Advanced Security dictates that the Use permission on the %Development resource is required in order to use debugging facilities. A simple way of granting this to everyone is to grant it as a public privilege, as follows:

  1. Connect to the System Management Portal.
  2. Navigate to [Home] > [Security Management] > [Resources].
  3. Click the Edit link on the %Development row of the table.
  4. Set the "Public Permission: Use" checkbox.
  5. Save the change.